anthony galvin

i bought a house in stewkley
it looked alright to me
a little bit of work
and then happy we would be

but once I started fixing it
then the trouble began
that was twenty years ago
it hasn’t gone to plan

I noticed that the front door
had some flaking paint
so I started stripping it
but by then it was too late

so I started on the windows
fixing up the glass
but shortly after starting
I decided I better pass

onto fixing the drainpipes
and working to the roof
but once I got going I discovered a terrible truth
the chimney stack was wobbling
the tiles they were shot
I’d better get to work quick
and give it all I’d got

so I stripped the roof right off
and replaced all the beams
but when I saw the state of the walls
well I began to scream

I called the builders merchants
and ordered some new bricks
but before they I arrived
I discoverd a terrible tick

the electrics were all done in
it was a terrible shock
and whenever I used a switch
I had to go and see the doc

but that was twenty years ago
I reckon it’s half done
just as soon as I sort the plumbing
we can start the fun

and get started in the garden
which is getting overgrown
there’s a problem with the fence
and a wonky garden gnome

but before i get green fingered
I’ll have to fix the drain
there’s a problem with the flushing
it’s causing me some pain

so if you ever buy a house
out in aylesbury vale
check very carefully
as to why it’s up for sale

there’s always a chance
it will be a dream home
but if it needs a bit of work
you’ll know who not to phone

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